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Project Management & Design:

We believe in working closely with our Northern California clients to discover the effect which they wish to invoke in their landscaping.


We create a tasteful reflection of their desires and establish a harmonious balance between the architecture, garden and the natural environment which surrounds the property.  We integrate into and are inspired by the native landscape.


Design and planning is the basis for every project.  Your vision is laid out in perfect detail for all aspects of each phase.  Each design phase is detailed in our customized design agreement.


Design fees are structured by the project and its scope of work.

Glen Ellen California Fieldstone Masonry Wall By Deva Gardening
Project Management

Project Management involves scheduling and overseeing all specialists involved for a comprehensive installation which flows smoothly.


Fees are structured by the project, scope of work, or on a consultancy basis.

Valley of Spring Flowers Creation in the Hills

With over 30 years experience in design, botany, and horticulture, I specialize in native habitats, working with the Northern California climate, soil, and drainage. Understanding water needs, seasonal needs, and low maintenance for properties is critical to this specialized climate.


The best design planning should always be done in the Winter so that Spring or Fall installations have the full advantage of the seasonal dynamic in this geographical area. Planting is most successful in the fall and in the spring.


Contractor's License

I am a C27 Licensed Contractor in the State of California:


I am available as either contractor or sub-contractor to oversee, manage, direct or advise on any landscaping project. I like to work closely with architects.


Fees are structured based on the nature of the project.


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