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Dana Osborn - Owner, Operator

Dana Osborn, Landscape Designer and Founder of Deva Gardening.


Ancient myth describe Devas (pronounced Day-Vas) as the creative forces of nature - "architects" who give land its unique form. Devas inspire us to see how a garden fits into a larger landscape surrounding it, be it a small back yard in a busy town to hundreds of acres in the enchanted hidden valleys, plains, foothills and wetlands of Sonoma and Napa Counties.


Dana Osborn created Deva Inspired Gardening in direct response to an ever increasing need for a high quality landscaping business for the communities of Sonoma and Napa Counties, whose population and development are one of the fastest growing in the United States.


Her 30 year design career has included living in France, traveling the world, and settling in Sonoma in 1982.


Dana's philosophy for landscaping includes preservation of the botanical species native to the area, and incorporation of the natural elements and resources of the land into her designs.


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